About Us

Skeptica Esoterica is a trusted online platform created to provide reliable, evidence-based information about esoteric practices, pseudoscience, and supernatural phenomena. Our mission is to promote critical thinking, skepticism, and rational inquiry in order to debunk myths, challenge misinformation, and foster a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Our Vision

We envision a society where individuals are empowered with the tools to distinguish fact from fiction, where critical thinking prevails over blind faith, and where claims are rigorously scrutinized before belief is granted. Our ultimate goal is to inspire curiosity and promote a more evidence-based approach to life’s mysteries.

Our History

Skeptica Esoterica was founded in 2012 by Deborah Hawkins, a dedicated skeptic and rational thinker with a passion for exploring the unseen and demystifying supernatural beliefs. Drawing from her background in science and philosophy, Deborah recognized the need for a comprehensive online resource that would serve as a trustworthy guide in the ever-growing world of esoteric practices.

Founder – Deborah Hawkins

Deborah Hawkins is an esteemed expert in her field, holding extensive knowledge and background in both scientific methodology and esoteric studies. With a degree in Philosophy of Science and several published papers scrutinizing paranormal claims, she brings a unique perspective to the subject matter. As a staunch believer in critical thinking, Deborah has devoted herself to providing the public with accurate information and equipping them with the tools necessary to navigate the esoteric landscape.

Why We Created This Website

The birth of Skeptica Esoterica arose from the overwhelming flood of misinformation, sensationalism, and charlatanism prevalent in esoteric circles. By witnessing individuals base life-altering decisions on pseudoscience and superstition, the urgency to create a reliable resource that counters these practices became apparent. Our website aims to initiate a shift towards evidence-based decision-making and to enlighten those seeking rationality amidst chaos.

Website Objective

The primary objective of the Skeptica Esoterica website is to tackle paranormal myths, pseudoscience, and supernatural beliefs head-on. Through meticulous research, we provide knowledge that fosters sound judgement, empowering individuals to make informed choices. Our aim is not to negate individual belief systems but to provide a critical analysis that allows for a well-rounded perspective on esoteric subjects.

Target Audience

Skeptica Esoterica appeals to a wide variety of individuals, ranging from those actively involved in esoteric practices to the curious skeptic seeking a rational perspective on alternative beliefs. Our content caters to people who recognize the importance of evidence in accepting claims, and who wish to further their understanding of unexplained phenomena through cketldr=’science.begin()”use anin-depth analysis.

Unique Value

What sets Skeptica Esoterica apart is not only the qualified expertise of our founder and team, but also our commitment to research accessibility and accuracy. Our highly skilled editors and contributors come from diverse academic backgrounds, ensuring a balanced and informed approach to our content. Every statement made on our website is backed by solid evidence, and every claim is subject to critical evaluation.

Trust Skeptica Esoterica as a dependable friend, guide, and learning resource that supports your exploration of the esoteric while keeping your critical thinking intact. Together, we can embrace enlightenment, empower rationality, and step away from the murky waters of pseudoscience. Welcome to Skeptica Esoterica, where truth and reason prevail.

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